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"All that is needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing."
Edmund Burke

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Our BYLAWS: To focus on exposing the truth about why and how education deteriorated by educating the public with insider information: to do our best to help the public separate truth from fiction so that the public can support reform that has a chance of really working; to protect and support teachers, educators, and all who work within our schools and are abused in an attempt to silence them, as well as students indirectly abused, by offering anonymity and support to the extent we can based on our resources and legal limitations; to remain open to new ideas with which to force change in education; to maintain an ongoing dialogue with teachers and parents; and to do all of the above as a not for profit agency, dedicated to transforming our schools and the teaching profession.

NAPTA Offers Members When Possible:

  • Emotional Support
  • Information
  • A Cause to Change Suffering to Meaning
  • Working to Create A Level Playing field
  • Reverse Intimidation
  • An Opportunity to Have a Voice
  • An Opportunity to Post Your Story on the Internet
  • Information to Protect Against the Unions
  • Ability to Organize & Force Change
  • Personal Consultations
  • Advocacy against Your District
  • Support at Meetings
  • Speakers
  • Help with Letter Writing
  • Help and Support for Attorneys
  • Ability to Acquire Media Support
  • Solidarity to Attract Public Officials
  • Information about Your District
  • Internet Exposure of your District
  • State Board & University Info
  • Opportunity to Honor Authentic Educators
  • Resources: Related Links
  • Assistance with Locating Jobs
  • Exposure for Your Book or Services within Your Story
  • Help with Web Sites
  • Promote Understanding for Friends/Family
  • Pursuit of Grants to Help Teachers
  • Hope for Change in Education
  • Solidarity Between Parents/Citizens & Teachers
  • End the Divide & Conquer Done to Parents & Teachers

"These teachers [reformers] remember the passions that led them to become academics, and they do not want to lose the primal energy of their vocation. They affirm their deep caring for the lives of students, and they do not want to disconnect from the young. They understand the identity and integrity that they have invested in teaching, and they want to reinvest, even if it pays no institutional interest or dividends."

"These teachers have decided that teaching is a front-of-the-bus thing for them, even though their institutions want it moved to the back. They have stopped blaming institutional conditions for teaching's low estate and have stopped conspiring with those conditions as well. Instead, they act in ways that honor their own commitment to the importance of teaching. What these teachers do is often as simple as refusing to yield their seat on the bus: they teach each day in ways that honor their own deepest values rather than in ways that conform to the institutional norm. Sometimes they take risks of a more public sort, promoting alternative visions of education in faculty forums where pedagogical policy is made."

Palmer J. Parker Courage to Teach

Some of the above services will be offered at no charge, while others will have a fee to help maintain our organization. The extent of the services is dependent on available resources; we will minimally attempt to speak with any new memberand help connect him/her up with networking support upon request. Please use the membership form to inquire about our services. We will be happy to reply to your concerns. Let us know if you wish to receive a phone call.

There is no charge for membership. This is about solidarity and coming together to force change. NAPTA's commitment is to help connect up people who want to end teacher abuse knowing that organized crime needs silence, that those who want the power to disorganize crime need to be organized and vocal, and that this can only happen with an organization willing to do the time consuming work to maintain a list of names of people willing to break the silence and get the truth to whomever has the power to force change, as well as to maintain a website that continually attracts members. NAPTA hopes that each member will independently do whatever he/she can to push this force forward, realizing that some are able to do more than others. Even if all you can do is lend your name to our membership list, and even if you can only afford to lend it anonymously, you have added another nail in the coffin we have designed for those in power who believe, or unfortunately know, that they are above the law. We encourage you do to whatever you can, and hope that you will send us your story to post - anonymously or with your name if your situation permits, and keep us informed.


Karen Horwitz
Chicago, Illinois

David Blomstrom
Seattle, Washington

Frankie Bailey
iXora Web Design
Lakewood Ranch, Florida


We encourage teachers and parents to send us your stories to add to our site so our voice will become too loud to ignore. As stated above, we will respect your anonymity if requested. Our goal is ending teacher abuse, and we understand that this means we may have to protect some of our teachers until we level the playing field. We encourage concerned students to write us your stories to help us do what schools are supposed to do - connect rather than divide.

We understand that at first many will be afraid to come forth. We are hoping that parents and others with less at stake will take a stand for our children so the days of a free ride for abusive administrations are over. We expect to grow slowly but steadily as more and more teachers come out of the closet and stand in their power, while more and more parents and citizens grow to understand THE REAL PROBLEM IS NOT THE TEACHERS - BLAMING THEM IS A DIVERSION IN PLACE TO ENSURE THAT NO ONE WILL FIGURE OUT THE REAL GAME - UNLAWFULNESS WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES DUE TO UNLIMITED POWER. There is no evil force in society that truth will not eradicate.

MESSAGE FROM KAREN HORWITZ, PRESIDENT: Please understand that we are not a union, and cannot do the work a union does as our charter will not allow this, nor is that our goal. Although in doing this work we help teachers, our primary objective is to expose the truth about our schools so we can help teachers, parents, students, and taxpayers by forcing a level playing field. We organized to make this country and our world a better place. We try to help members to the extent the law permits and based on resources because we understand the trauma of teacher abuse and know that by sharing what we can, we can lessen your trauma.

But understand that we have no outside funds to support clerical help, and as the leader of this organization I must keep our journey at a realistic pace, which includes limiting the directions we can take to what I can personally finance as well as oversee, while ensuring that they remain within our legal bounds. I started NAPTA along with another teacher because I believe that my marketing expertise along with my passion will build us the power needed to topple this system of organized crime. I was successful in sales and marketing in business and I know I can be likewise with this product even though I had marketed and sold an object - educational films - and now I am marketing and selling an idea.

I offer my best to move us through this jungle of abuse to a place where education stands a chance. My previous partner, Darlene Goodman, who lent extraordinary help to get NAPTA launched, decided to work independently to make a difference. Thus, I have had to readjust my goals, setting a more realistic time schedule for the various directions I plan to take. Frankie Bailey, our outstanding webmaster, has taken on work that I initially thought I would have to do, thus helping us penetrate the propaganda set in place by EducRATS with a website that exceeds my initial expectations. So this is a work in progress that moves forward with the universe propelling it.

We have made great strides in 12 years; as of 9/2014, we have over 2,000 members. I will not give up on this vision of having an organization to connect us up as long as the members do not give up on me. But please understand that NAPTA is not THE movement; it is just one person's vision for breaking through the propaganda and exposing teacher abuse. I encourage anyone who has a different vision to go for it. We need everyone doing whatever they can since we are up against a mighty force. Success in corporate America is all about power. Without power, we lose. Because teachers have little or no power, we are losers. I want to change that. I have a vision for how we can do it.

Membership is a vote of support; this is not a beneficiary membership such as joining a union - I am choking on those words since neither do the unions offer real benefits, but they are supposed to be doing so - even though NAPTA ends up making life a little easier for many of its members. I hope you can and will vote for me - fill out a membership form - since a vote for me is a vote for the change that brought you to this website. Then either stay in regular contact with other members, just keep in contact whenever you can, or go off and do your own thing knowing that by joining you did something to help expose teacher abuse, or do a little of each. Numbers are power and we need your membership so we can build power, which will add it to the power of the work individuals are doing simultaneously - writing books, fighting in court, starting their own website or groups, communicating with public officials, writing scripts for plays, counseling teachers on alternative careers, appearing on TV or radio, writing articles for newspapers or magazines, doing interviews for journalists, attending law school to specialize in helping teachers, or working in our schools while gathering proof to use against those who are destroying our schools.

The important thing is that we are no longer paralyzed and alone and we can network and help each other become better at what we are trying to do - to end teacher abuse and make our schools safe and effective for children. I can connect up two people - teachers or parents - fighting a district that is playing a similar game. I can notify members when a media person offers to interview a teacher. Unity has much to offer us. Alone we are but mere drops evaporating in a bucket, but together we are a bucket of substance that has the ability to be heard. Having a list of people who agree that teacher abuse and corruption must end provides me with one of the tools I need so that I can get someone in power to listen to us. I thank you for your willingness to join and lend me your support as I offer my contribution to this cause. But most of all our country and its children will thank you.