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Special Education Heart of WCC

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Special education is at the heart of White Chalk Crime both because it brings in extra money and because not spending that money on children brings in extra money for EducRAT$. Thus much energy is spent to figure out how to get away with not providing federally mandated service and much of that money is spent on attorneys to help them make this happen.

Attached is an article about a seminar led to help school districts avoid lawsuits. Although it said about Attorney Nancy Hungerford, the presenter: "Hungerford discussed court rulings in cases involving school employees who've alleged they lost their jobs because of advocacy in special education. She said the presentation is not meant to keep whistle-blowers quiet" that statement is an example of White Chalk Crime propaganda at its best. Why else would they need to hold a seminar to avoid lawsuits when they could provide children with needed services to avoid lawsuits? Why wouldn't the meeting be led by special educators teaching what must be done to comply rather than by an attorney teaching what must be done to avoid a legal loss?

If only parents could get past the propaganda and learn that teachers are on their side, they could create a force against White Chalk Crime. Unfortunately, the average parent believes administrators are trying their best and Nancy Hungerford is not getting rich off of helping Bernie Madoff-like administrators deceive the public. Don Bellairs, is an Oregon teacher who Hungerford helped silence:

Read this article and note the small number of people picketing. When this number grows, White Chalk Crime will lose much of its sustainability. Then read our Parent and Teacher Stories where Special Education is often at the heart of the issue - teachers take vows to do what is right for children and EducRAT$ spend tax funds stopping them! NAPTA