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Teacher abuse is the single biggest reason that our schools are dysfunctional. Teachers are frightened into submission, afraid to speak out against detrimental administrative choices that are harming our children. Our educational system operates more like organized crime, than a profession. Many of our districts are closer to a tyrannical dictatorship than a healthy hierarchy.We need an organization to force accountability and reform upon our schools to protect our children and make teaching a profession.

Organization Needed
Patriotism Vs Treason
Information Hidden
Moral Philosophy
NAPTA is that organization.

Organization Needed

"I don't know whether the danger of retribution is real. I do know, from these letters, that the fear of it is real. And I suspect that the failure of teachers to speak out in an organized way is a reason the problems get insufficient attention."

Ed Williams,

Williams wrote the above after asking for teachers to respond to a problem cited by a teacher, and then received over one hundred letters, each writer asking to remain anonymous.

We have the information and documentation to prove this and we believe people need to become informed by insiders who know the truth. We believe the organized way must commence.

"That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."



"The starting point of a movement, though silent and barely visible, can be described with some precision. It happens when isolated individuals who suffer from a situation that needs changing decide to live "divided no more." These people come to a juncture where they must choose between allowing selfhood to die or claiming the identity and integrity from which good living, as well as good teaching, comes."

Parker J.Palmer, Courage to Teach

Patriotism Vs Treason

Although it may appear that our group is of treasonous intent, wretched team players, and disloyal members of the educational profession, history suggests otherwise. One has only to think of that gathering of men who participated in the treasonous act that resulted in the birth of our great country and that wonderful document quoted above,to realize that what is, may not be what is good. Our forefathers fought for democracy, and we believe they would be in despair, watching our public schools, the institution designed to develop our children into good citizens, operate not as a democracy, but as organized crime and tyranny combined. How could our schools teach something it is not?

When we celebrate on the Fourth of July, we must remember that our country was founded by people of character and moral courage, who risked their lives and property for freedom? If we haven’t forgotten, then how do we think we can be teaching our children these values within an institution that allows for management on power trips, to give orders to mislead parents, to silence teachers, and tp operate above the law?



Many teachers are subjected to continuous bullying to the point that their souls are slaughtered and emotional survival rather than children’s needs, becomes their priority. They slide down the slippery slope of compromise as they attempt to salvage any sense of self, dodging parents’ need to know the truth, knowing it is political suicide to put a child’s needs over an administrative agenda.

Cheryl Mix is a teacher who refused to compromise her integrity. She reported the school’s noncompliance of Special Education Laws to the Office of Civil Rights and shortly thereafter, she was written up as unsatisfactory and her contract was not renewed. She protested publicly, and the district reported her to the Department of Children and Family Services for child abuse.

She no longer has a classroom. Score one for the administration; score minus one magnificent teacher for the children.

"One of the worst affected professions is education, which possesses peculiar pressures in addition to the usual circumstances, which stimulate bullying."

"Bullying, especially on a regular basis and for the perpetrator’s pleasure, can be regarded as a form of psychological rape because of its intrusive and violational nature. Bypassing or piercing the outer defences of assertiveness and behaviour skills, the inner-self is penetrated by a regular and unrelenting trespass of threat, intimidation,provocation and guilt."

"I was bullied severely over a period of three years and eventually dismissed on a trumped up charge. The dismissal and appeal hearing were a foregone conclusion. A year later, having been let down repeatedly by the legal system, I still feel like I’ve been accused of a crime whilst the real criminals are off gallivanting about, probably bullying someone else. My only 'crime'was to take pride in and enjoy my job."

Tim Field, Bully in Sight


Although it appears that our only focus is helping teachers, that is not the case. We believe we need to commence with parents to get reform started. Educational reform will never begin until teachers have rights.

Most teachers enter the profession wanting to help children, and end up submitting to the business as usual agenda in order to survive. It is nearly impossible to transfer a teaching degree into any other field. Teachers also think that staying in teaching and compromising some of their integrity is better than not helping children at all. We believe there is a slippery slope once a teacher begins compromising, and our profession has fallen into an abyss because the frontline people do not work as professionals. They merely follow orders.

School violence; the epidemic of drugs and sex; children sent to therapeutic boarding schools; 850,000 home-schooled children; special needs children’s rights violated; dumbed down curriculum; miserable parents; good teachers fleeing from the profession; age discrimination; and competent young people not considering education; are just some of the issues we believe exist because teachers do not have a voice.

Ending the bullying of teachers will contribute to eradicating the excessive bullying of children that takes place in our schools, and that has led to tragedies such as Columbine. Why wouldn’t stronger, more popular children bully weaker children,when adults model the bullying of weaker adults in our schools? Is it any wonder that our schools have become minefields of torture for sensitive children?


Information Hidden

The author below implies the assumption above. Why is she and most of the world theorizing that this corruption only occurs in business? No more fertile ground for money games exists than in education. See how quickly this private school was scrutinized because it is a business! We know that similar shenanigans occur regularly throughout the hermetically sealed education world.

August 26, 2002 A Lesson from New Jersey Special-ed Contracting

by Lisa Snell, Director of Education and Child Welfare, Reason Public Policy Institute

"The accusation that a New Jersey private school operator has used taxpayers’ money to benefit relatives highlights an obvious risk of school privatization. If not carefully monitored, government money can corrupt."

"Despite its flaws, American capitalism provides investors, customers and outside watchdogs with significantly more detailed information about companies than parents, teachers or students have about their schools. In education, these data have traditionally been held close. Instead, we've been told that government will look after the public interest. We don't need to know much about how they're doing because supposedly we can trust the government to run them properly."

Chester Finn

With an inability to compete in the business world where people seeking money usually venture, being able to manipulate teachers gives administrators an automatic advantage; there is little challenge compared to manipulating people in the business world. Very few administrators could manage a business. Administrators may have doctorates, but they are usually EdD's significantly easier to earn than PhD’s from almost any other field; education schools are notoriously dumbed-down - very few administrators could have earned a MBA, the degree of choice in business.

Yet superintendents earn well over $100,000 and receive multiple perks including cars, extra insurance, and retirement packages with which they are set for life. Principals earn substantially more than teachers. It is an institution ripe for malfeasance. It is just too easy.

Those of us who refused to partake in this duplicity have been slaughtered individually, with no one to support us. With NAPTA things will change slowly.We believe that with the support and information from others, teachers and parents can make wiser choices when dealing with our schools. We believe people need to know the differences between business and education so they can judge them accordingly. Schools have been given a free ride inadvertently beyond what Finn describes.
We also believe that by leveling the playing field, so that teachers have a voice, our schools will become focused on what children need.

It is a fact that teachers with integrity are targeted by this system because it can only flourish undercover. Administrations are operating above the law, using public relations and other tactics to hide the covert agenda, and silencing teachers so parents won’t know that decisions are not theirs. Integrity poses a direct threat to underhanded operations.

"Wherever you stick the thermometer in the American culture there is greed." Dr. James Dobson

This covert agenda exerts power and control of money budgets to purchase materials.

Ever wonder why they purchase books that teachers and parents reject?
Opportunities to cut special deals with suppliers often exist.

Ever wonder why they will buy computers, but then not have resources to pay for assistance in the lab?
Opportunities to cut special deals with suppliers often exist.

Ever wonder why your district hired the highest priced architect money can buy to add on a library, but they knew nothing about schools or libraries?
Opportunities to cut special deals with suppliers often exist.

"As the Enron swamp deepens, we see that neither the company, nor its accountants at Arthur Anderson, nor sundry government oversight bodies did an acceptable job of protecting the public interest (which includes the interests of company shareholders and employees). But what's the remedy? And how does it differ from our approach to failing schools?"

Chester Finn

Schools Insist on Being the Only Game in Town

Successful charter school set to close
By Stephanie Banchero,
Chicago Tribune staff reporter, Published June 1,2002

"For three years, Governors State University Charter School has been the envy of south suburban school districts. Its pupils post some of the highest test scores in the area. Two dozen applicants sit on a waiting list. And officials recently broke ground on a $6 million, state-funded school building."
"But in a stunning rebuke, the Crete-Monee District 201-U School Board, which holds the charter, voted last month to shut down the school at the end of the year. The reason: Crete-Monee officials felt Governors State University, which created the school and provides the curriculum and principal, has too much control."

What business would be permitted to close a successful division? Do you see our point?


What would happen if educrats put FIRST THINGS FIRST?


Moral Philosophy

"These teachers [reformers] remember the passions that led them to become academics, and they do not want to lose the primal energy of their vocation. They affirm their deep caring for the lives of students, and they do not want to disconnect from the young. They understand the identity and integrity that they have invested in teaching, and they want to reinvest, even if it pays no institutional interest or dividends."

Parker J. Palmer, Courage to Teach

We believe that currently, power brokers control our schools,maintaining absolute power, with control over budgets,in the same way our political patronage system works. Their agenda is to maintain this power, rather than meet the needs of the children. Our schools are run like organized crime, with a good ol’ boy system that guarantees status quo. The consequence of this is institutionalized child abuse.

"We all know that the destructive individuals of the world have a way of finding each other, organizing, and building a forceful assembly that at times has had the power to destroy us all."

Mary-Elaine Jacobsen, Psy.D

We believe that NAPTA can help unite parents and teachers, to work together to change this system, and assure that the agenda is educating our children rather than politics. Together we can make it happen.

"Just as fungi thrive in darkness, so do corrupt peoplethrive in public education-which seldom sees the light of public scrutiny."

David Blomstrom

Whereas many, if not most teachers submit to the pressure to lie to parents and follow unconscionable orders, parents need to learn that psychological conditions that destroy teachers’ souls are in place in education, which approach or parallel those used to commit genocide throughout history. Genocide is the killing of one’s soul; it does not only describe physical death.

"When I say that evil has to do with killing, I do not mean to restrict myself to corporal murder. Evil is also that which kills spirit."

M.Scott Peck, People of the Lie: The Hope for Healing Human Evil

"Teaching, like any truly human activity, emerges from one’s inwardness, for better or worse. As I teach, I project the condition of my soul onto my students, my subject, and our way of being together. The entanglements I experience in the classroom are often no more or less than the convolutions of my inner life. Viewed from this angle, teaching holds a mirror to the soul."

Parker J. Palmer, The Courage to Teach

If teaching holds a mirror to one’s soul, think about what our children are seeing when robotic teachers follow orders in fear. Is it any wonder that bright, sensitive, alienated children see through this charade and rebel in proportion to the emptiness of what they see in that mirror?Is school violence not the natural outcome of soulless teaching? Are these children using violence to create a tangible example of the violence they instinctively sense happening in ourschools? Are drugs a method of choice to escape this sadness? Is random sex a way of viewing people as objects rather than people as emotional beings? If teachers are objects to be used by our administrators, and children’s needs aren’t important, aren’t we teaching children to devalue human beings? NAPTA thinks so.

Monkey We believe that only with insider information, can we bring our schools to their knees, so they can beg for forgiveness for their violations of human rights. If the information teachers possess weren’t that valuable, the system wouldn’t need to violate our Constitution to keep us quiet.

"How do you know when the dream is real and not a distortion of the ego? ...It is real when you can see, touch, taste, hear, and smell it in the depths of your soul. It is real when it has less to do with your security and more to do with the healing transformation of the world. It is real when you start living it and other people join in and support you because they too have the vision."

Rabbi Shoni Labowitz