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What is abuse?  Why is it evil?

  • happens when the perpetrator needs to keep the victim silent.
  • makes the victim fearful and unwilling to reveal what is happening.
  • makes people sick.
  • makes the victim unwilling to protect colleagues and creates a competitive atmosphere, competing to avoid abuse rather than achieve positive things.
  • encourages abuse. It creates a toxic environment. Teachers with teachers in nasty cliques, children with children vying for power, interacting in similar ways because it is the model for the organization.
  • drives away good teachers.
  • allows policies to remain in place that are bad for children since in the absence of feedback, business as usual can go on.
    Most of all
  • only happens when something needs to be hidden, when a relationship is unhealthy, and when inhumanity replaces humanity. It is a sign of dysfunction and needs to be addressed for what it is and for what it is concealing. No one with good intentions needs to abuse others to prevail.

Teacher abuse resembles child abuse or wife abuse. With the imbalance of power, the abuser frightens targets to the point that they won’t even attempt to speak out. Should they have the courage, however, predators prey on weak targets knowing the sitting ducks are helpless and unlikely to be believed if they should attempt to seek refuge. Until child and wife abuse were publicly acknowledged, people simply couldn’t believe it could be true. What parents would harm their children? What man would beat his own wife? It made no sense. Therefore, abused children and wives experienced secondary abuse - society not believing them. It is essential that we put teacher abuse on the map so that teachers can experience the closure essential for them to proceed with their lives. Until now, there has been no avenue for justice. Our stories will illustrate this. A few have found recourse in court, but have been labeled as outcasts who challenged what has been touted as a morally superior system.

We have linked as much information as we can to document that what we are telling you is true. We know it is hard to believe. We know that only too well, since each of us has been crucified by our districts because few believed us. If you still have trouble believing teacher abuse exists after hearing so many teachers telling a similar story, be sure to read the links on the subsequent pages. Remember that for so many years, no one believed child abuse or sexual abuse in the church could be happening. Also, think about all the problems in education that seem to be unsolvable, such as difficulty attracting and keeping teachers, dumbed-down curriculum, huge increases in drug use and school violence, slipping scores that have put our country well behind globally, and the general dissatisfaction with our schools. These problems exist because teacher abuse exists. Teacher abuse prevents the truth from becoming public. It is the protective shield behind which everything from incompetence to malice exists. It needs to stop for reasons beyond the inhumane and unjust nature of this practice. It needs to stop so educational reform can start.

If the problems ravaging our schools are not enough to persuade you that teacher abuse exists, think about what we are discovering about other institutions in our society. Enron, World.com and other corporate stories of greed and malice fill the news. There were questionable practices going on before, as well as during, the winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah. Players taking steroids have flawed baseball. The Catholic Church has shocked us with news of sexual abuse. For years, society has viewed government as lacking in ethics and of late, it has become a disgrace. Since Watergate, our presidents have made false statements to the public, forgetting that character counts. During the election of 2000, our Supreme Court, to all appearances, participated in politics rather than following the law it had created. It looks as if we have become a country run by the whims of those in power, while only pretending that we live by our constitution. Why then is it so hard to believe that our public schools operate above the law, and with the same infectious greed that seems to be pillaging our society in general? In fact, it should be hard to believe that education stands as a pillar of virtue amidst all this deceit and avarice we hear about on a daily basis.

NAPTA is here to prove that some or many of our public schools are right in there with the worst of them, covering up unethical actions. They squander taxpayers' money, ignore teachers’ pleas to protect children, devastate our most precious resource - teachers, and run schools with their self- serving agendas, while depriving our children of the education they could have if honorable people were in charge.