White Chalk Crime Thrives in Atlanta

The following story of a dedicated Georgia teacher, John Sam, describes how White Chalk Crime thrives in his Atlanta school district to this day despite his valiant attempts to expose it back in 2004. The union denied him help. According to Sam, it “backed out due to political favors in Atlanta's wealthiest neighborhood.” Most of all, this story explains why you know nothing about White Chalk Crime. In the same way that Bernie Madoff, the Ponzi artist, scammed his trusting clients of billions, White Chalk Criminals hold our schools hostage due to the automatic trust that accompanies this revered institution. Meanwhile they are scamming us of something worth much more than billions of dollars - our American Dream and the underpinning of our democracy, while sending our nation spiraling down with less and less ability to compete globally. Because teachers are terrified about speaking out, and the media is either inept or complicit (kind of like Pakistan and its lack of knowledge about Osama Bin Laden hiding out in its country), you will not hear about this anywhere else. Read his story here and go to his website to learn more. You will then begin to understand how White Chalk Crime works and why it is so detrimental to our children and our nation. It allows self-serving individuals to use the schools for their own greedy needs, while behaving like thugs against any honest, caring educators who strive to make a difference. NAPTA