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The Lowdown on New York Rubber Rooms

Those in power in NY are trying to make you believe that rubber rooms were created to get rid of bad teachers when the truth is they exist to punish teachers who care about their students and have the integrity and courage to speak up about what is right for children.Man in Striaght Jacket

The Rubber Room, a devious tool for terrorizing teachers in New York, earned its name based on how teachers ordered there bounce off the walls being forced to do nothing in retaliation for caring about children and getting in the way of the New York EducRAT$. It is a perverted ritual for teachers, the Guantanamo of Education; the latter has featured acts that deeply disturb the values of religious detainees to break them down, and the Rubber Room incorporates acts that deeply disturb the values of dedicated teachers to break them down tearing them away from their students for no legitimate reason while leaving students with unqualified substitutes.

They allegedly ended Rubber Rooms a few years ago, yet NY teachers still testify that they have been assigned to Rubber Rooms. In their heyday, EducRT$ filled them with the likes of David Pakter (see story), who because he advocated for minorities, was placed there to psychologically rot. He was punished for trying to protect minority students, which conflicts with EducRAT$' White Chalk Crime agenda that includes their refusal to waste "their" money and energy on minority students. Quality teachers bide their time doing nothing while denied due process, and wait months to find out why they are there. Yet they still receive their salaries. This kills two birds with one stone: it infuriates parents to hear of paying teachers for nothing, particularly when the inhabitants of these Rubber Rooms are falsely described as bad teachers. Parents do not know these teachers are political prisoners since parents do not know of the politics of White Chalk Crime. Thus, Rubber Rooms serve to divide and conquer the public, keeping them clueless about White Chalk Crime and allowing it to thrive.

No other state seems to have as organized a system of Rubber Rooms. However, Los Angeles appears to have a somewhat organized method of warehousing political prisoners also. What typically goes on in other states is virtual Rubber Rooms - teachers ordered to stay home and bounce off their own walls with hopes they will become mentally ill and just resign. And in some cases EducRAT$ order teachers to sit in closets while being "investigated." We are still learning about Rubber Rooms and expect more and more to appear all over the country as EducRAT$ advance in their skills of White Chalk Crime and conning the public. We encourage people outside of NYC to let us know about rubber room-like schemes in their areas.

Below is the testimony of rubber room detainees.

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