What Nerve?

After 2 years of abuse, bullying and intimidation, after 8 years without a paycheck or the ability to work elsewhere, after winning every arbitration, after winning constant appeals, the district now offered me 15k to resign. Imagine the nerve?

And imagine the nerve of the UNION to tell me to take it.

Years ago they told me to drop it too. I hung in and I will fight on. Injustice has not price. BTW- they do owe my 7 years back pay with interest – which Uncle Sam is going to take 35% but in spite of that- they now say take another 15K and go away? Where – where am I going to go? I am over 60 now – I live in rural PA where all the superintendents country club together.

At my own expense – I have earned a masters in Computer Tech in the classroom- I have done what I can – they will not let me work.

Oh I am mad as hell and I am ready to have you use me- my story- my name and anything else you need to make this stop!

I have been brutalized and forced to go without a paycheck- - no one will hire me as a teacher They told me 8 years ago to resign or they would see to it that I would never work again.

They kept their word.

Believe me – that is just the tip of the horror they put me through. Check that out you will ask how they have the nerve to continue to bully me. Oh I am ready - more than ready! I sure could use someone to talk to – the Union is no help at all- they did not suffer this abuse – No – I will never work here again- and that is a shame. The union rep got 4 raises and promotions while I did without and she thinks I am asking too much?

Bettyjean Kling M.S, M.Ed

Mrs. Kling applied for a position as a special education teacher for Waynesboro High School and was offered a temporary position for the 97-98 year and received an excellent rating. That high school position would not be available permanently for another full year, so she accepted a last minute position at the Middle School for the 98-99 school year and again received good ratings. Just days before the 99/2000 school year started, she was hired at the High School for the position she really wanted, had successfully covered previously.

Upon reporting to the classroom she found that the previous teacher now having become a WASD administrator and Mrs. Kling’s supervisor had stripped the room of any viable text books, teaching aides, lesson plans or any start-up teacher materials needed to conduct the class. A teaching assistant verified under oath that the materials belonging to that class and having been provided for that class for as many years as she the assistant could remember – were gone! In their place were outdated and text books and inappropriate teaching materials. Mrs. Kling’s attempts to find a solution met with resistance from the very supervisor who had cleared the room. In fact the administrator later accused Mrs. Kling of removing or loosing them.

Mrs. Kling took the last minute position believing the classroom was stocked and ready to go but instead was told to suck it up and fill it up herself. The books/ materials and lesson plans were of no use to the former teachers now supervising Mrs. Kling so it is obvious that the removal was not due to need for use in another class and certainly not in the best interest of the students. Insisting on assistance for the sake of the students, Mrs. Kling was labeled intolerant and intemperate and started to receive constant daily visits to her class resulting in poor assessments of her work. The supervisor and another close friend also a supervisor rode this teacher mercilessly and openly on a daily basis and did everything in their power to discredit Mrs. Kling leaving her unable to be taken seriously or having anywhere to turn to seek further assistance. She finally and perhaps too late turned to the union for help.

What an opportune time to get away with such antics; there was no permanent Superintendent; there was a newly hired asst superintendent and the new supervisor had a cohort in high places to back her up. Mrs. Kling was dealing with an empty classroom, special education students who needed the best not the worst materials, a supervisor who was out to discredit her, new administration members that had no choice but to circle the wagon to protect the district, and a terminally ill son who up and died that year. No matter how much she complied with their directives it was never good enough and by the time a new superintendent was hired, one of his first orders of business in the district was to fire a so called incompetent teacher just weeks before she won her first grievance against the district.

Please note, students did not complain about the teacher and in fact offered to testify on her behalf. Parents had no complaints and many came to testify to her competence. Her colleagues did not complain and nearly every one and from three different school buildings voluntarily came forward on and testified on her behalf. Her teacher assistants never complained and came forward and voluntarily testified on her behalf. One retiring supervisor bravely came to her defense at the final arbitration. No other employees working in the district under the rank of supervisor ever complained and by all accounts this teacher was liked by all.

Mrs. King still gets Cards, calls and invitations to functions and parties held by her former students and/or their parents. Because this district continues to drag it’s feet- cause delays, and continually try to appeal a case that they have lost many times, Mrs. Kling has been prevented for 7 years from earning a living at teaching in the Commonwealth of PA. Thanks to all this press, a negative account and her picture on the front page of the Waynesboro newspapers- she may never work as a teacher again.

Go tell her that being in a union helped her feed her family, pay her bills, have medical coverage, or build toward her retirement for the last 7 years. Mrs. Kling is now 60 years old, just finished her masters degree in Classroom Technology but in light of endless delays and yet another appeal will be enrolling in classes to assist her in looking for a new profession.