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The society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves. Bertrand de Jouvenel

The truth of why our schools are so dysfunctional lies buried under layers of carefully positioned propaganda, and intentionally constructed terror, courtesy of our school boards all over our nation. Their covert weapon - teacher abuse to silence the truth - assures our administrations that they, rather than the will of the people, are in control.

Teacher abuse is wrong, it is harmful, and we know it is the fundamental reason reform is not happening in our schools since it silences insider information, allowing those in power to mislead parents. Our schools reflect political agendas, not societal needs. Our school board elections are controlled by self serving administrations; few people are aware since terrorized teachers robotically march in line.

This site is meant to be a storehouse of information to help the public discover the truth about our schools and counteract the false information that intentionally misleads the audience away from reform. It is not meant to be a proposal for reform per se, but an opportunity to clear the way so reform can begin. It is an on-going collection of articles and teacher testimony/history that show the truth about our education system.

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Jerome A Popp, PhD
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